To perpetuate the graceful memory of His Excellency Raja Pratap Bahadur Singh CIE (Pratapgarh State) laid foundation stone of “AJEET” Anglo Oriental Somvanshi school in 1898.It was recognized for High School status in the year 1904.It is dedicated to the sacred memory of his father Late Maharaja Ajeet Singh to pioneere, in this almost backward and rural region to open the corridors  of knowledge for the society and establishe Pratap Bahadur charitable Trust in 1916 dedicated to promote & serve educational, social and cultural courses of the society. In 1942 the school was recognized for intermediate status and thus eternalized the memory of Late Maharaja Pratap Bahadur Singh late Raja Ajeet Pratap Singh named after him as Pratap Bahadur Intermediate College.Pratap Bahadur Post Graduate College, an offshoot of the above such deep rooted institute and also an off spring of the philanthropic P. B. Charitable Trust was subsequently visualized                                                Read More..